Karate Melbourne Olympics

Our adult program has been designed to be accessible to anyone from any background. Each person’s age and physical condition are addressed to benefit from and be successful in their training. Our methods help you to recognize your strengths and build on your weaknesses. Karate is not just for those who want to get fit. Karate Melbourne Training is a series of movements that combine various defensive and offensive techniques. These movements are idealized fighting techniques in the traditional Shotokan style. Karate Melbourne requires both quick exercises and long stances. This improves leg strength, flexibility, agility, and posture. It also increases cardiovascular fitness. The mastery of combat principles is possible through progressive Karate Melbourne Training. The Japanese government banned firearms on the island, so Karate as self-defence gained great popularity over the years. This national policy led to the creation of self-defence techniques in Karate, an Okinawan martial art.

With their skilled instructors and assistants, they teach and train karate lessons throughout Melbourne. Con and Rosanna teach Karate at the school’s headquarters and Cairnlea. Deer Park, Gisborne and Keilor Downs are some of the other branches that our qualified instructors teach Karate. Romsey, Romsey, Strathmore, Riddells Creek and Romsey are also among them. There are also affiliated clubs in NSW, Queensland, and Western Australia. Through our karate classes in Melbourne, we aim to provide the highest quality karate tuition. We want others to achieve lofty goals because our instructors are highly accomplished. This is done through self-defence classes taught by highly qualified instructors in a relaxed environment that encourages character development. Our Melbourne karate school aims to add value to people’s lives by bringing joy to their families, work, and the people around them.

We are not a competition-orientated school. We are not focused on winning trophies or competing in tournaments. We are committed to teaching Karate to the best extent of each individual’s ability. We are well-suited for people who wish to learn Martial Arts in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment. Students are encouraged and supported to learn from one another. A higher rank is responsible for watching over their students and coaching them if necessary. This is how everyone can benefit from their karate experience. Students range from children as young as 5 to seniors in their 60s. Classes are available for children, teens and adults. Melbourne martial arts clubs have the option for families to train together and share in their martial arts experience. Mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons may teach together in the same class. The lockdowns have been lifted, but there are still restrictions for some indoor gym activities. The sports center is still closed so that no training will take place until further notice.